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      網道為客戶提供網絡整合營銷傳播的高效服務的同時,也為員工提供更廣闊的視野和施展空間。我們誠摯邀請每一個熱愛廣告,  熱愛傳播事業的同仁加盟,在媒體變革的今天,讓我們一起,創造新的傳播價值,實現我們的事業追求,成就我們的傳播夢想。


      Network channel network to provide customers with integrated and efficient marketing communication services,  but also provide a broader perspective and display space for employees. We invite every one of my colleagues  loves advertising, spread love to join the cause, changes in the media today, let us create a new  communication value and achieve our career to pursue, the spread of the achievements of our dreams.

      Just give my heart and hard work, we are advertising genius! - "Advertising genius Li Bai"

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